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Full Aladdin System Replacement Kit | With SurgeGuard Adapters & Bedroom Camera Cycling

Silverleaf Electronics

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This is the Silverleaf Electronics System designed to completely replace the factory installed Monaco Aladdin monitoring and control system.  The Silverleaf system is far more reliable and user friendly than the Aladdin system, it uses a modern 2 wire RV-C communication system as you will find in the brand new high-line motorcoaches. The Silverleaf system has all the same features as the Aladdin as well as many more! These systems are very expandable and user friendly with the ability to add other features such as TST or Pressure Pro tire pressure monitoring systems, automatic generator start and much more. The system includes a Silverleaf VMS-350 Dash Monitor with solid state video switching for up to 7 Cameras to up to 5 Monitors, SeeLevel II holding tank monitoring system with 3 12" Sensors, Silverleaf TM-240 AC/DC Data Collector, SurgeGuard Adapter kit, all wiring harnesses needed to complete the conversion as well as detailed install instructions.