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Blue Ox | BX4370 | Ascent Tow Bar™ | 7500lb Capacity

Blue Ox

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The Ascent BX4370/BX4375 by Blue Ox is a Class III tow bar made from aircraft grade aluminum rated for 7,500 pounds. A light-weight, 31-pound tow bar that is self-aligning allowing for quick and easy hook-up. The legs are 2 inches longer, for maneuvering around tight corners and smoother towing. The Ascent’s off-set triple lugs and non-binding latches create ease with unhooking, even if the vehicle is parked on an unlevel surface. There is no centering pin, so it is easy to stow and store. Not only is the Ascent highly functional and easy to use, but it comes with safety cables, rubber boots to prevent dirt and debris from getting in the legs, has a Diamond Vogel metallic powder coating, and raised premium gold toned Blue Ox nameplate.