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Country Coach Upgrades

We offer many upgrades for most Country Coach products. The 2006-2010 Coaches are the easiest to upgrade system comoponents as these coaches were equipped with an RV-C multiplex system from the factory, However the older coaches can also be retrofitted with an RV-C network with a minimal amount of work.. We specialize in Silverleaf system upgrades as well as the 12v DC power systems and some other various parts that we have expierence with. Below are some of the common components to upgrade. We can also service existing Silverleaf systems of any scale and we are only located 5 minutes from the Silverleaf Factory. 


Silverleaf Electronics TM-350 5x7 Solid State Video Switch

Silverleaf Electronics TM-350 Video Switch

The Silverleaf TM-350 solid state video switch is a great upgrade for any coach that has multiple cameras. It is very configurable to accomidate almost any video system with up to 7 Cameras and 5 Monitors. We also have a kit including the TM-350 that makes a great replacement for Country Coach factory equipped with the Mito video switch. 

Silverleaf Electronics HMS-365 5.5" RV-C Touchscreen House Monitor

Silverleaf Electronics HMS-365 Touchscreen House Systems Monitor

The HMS-365 Touchscreen House Monitor is a plug in upgrade for the 2006-2010 RV-C network equipped Country Coaches, it does require a little bit of cutting to fit in the opening from the previous HMS-060 house monitors. We offer a kit for this upgrade that includes everything needed to replace your old HMS-060 with the Touchscreen panel. These panels can also display video if you chose to route an RCA cable from either a camera or a video switch. 


Silverleaf Electronics HMS-707 7" RV-C Touchscreen House Monitor

Silverleaf Electronics HMS-707 Touchscreen House Systems Monitor


TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Upgrade

TST makes a great tire pressure monitoring system, we have a conversion to convert your SmartTire™ equipped Country Coach to the new TST Tire 507 Series System. This is done using the new TST J1939 TPMS interface module, a custom adapter cable that replaces the SmartTire™ receiver with the new TST receiver, or a stand-alone TST system with display. You will need to send in your Silverleaf dash display unit for a software update in order to use the integrated system. We offer TST sensors in either a normal screw on cap sensor or a pass-through type sensor, we also offer tow vehicle sensor packages and other TST accesories.


Magnum MS Series Inverter Upgrade

The Magnum MagnaSine inverters are a great upgrade in any Country Coach that is in need of a new inverter. These units have been proven to be very solid and reliable for many years now. The MagnaSine inverters can also be connected to your coaches Silverleaf System through a low cost RV-C Interface. We offer the MagnaSine inverters both stand-alone or in a kit with the parts needed to connect it to your Silverleaf System (Software updates may be needed to components in your coach as well). 

Xantrex Freedom SW Inverter Upgrade

 The Xantrex Freedom SW pure sine wave inverters are another great option for replacing a failing Xantrex RS Series or ProSine inverter. The Freedom SW is also able to connect to the Silverleaf System in your coach, and if replacing a Xantrex RS Series its actually connected to the same cable (Software updates to Silverleaf modules is likely needed). We offer the Freedom SW series inverters in both a 2000w and 3000w 12 & 24 volt variations. 

Xantrex Freedom SW Inverter