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Aladdin to Silverleaf Conversions

Aladdin To Silverleaf Conversions

If you are looking to upgrade your Monaco built Aladdin system to a Modern Silverleaf Electronics system you have come to the right place! We have a couple of options for converting your Monaco built Aladdin™ systems to RV-C based Silverleaf Electronics systems. There were a variety of these Aladdin systems produced so it is always best for us to talk with the customer prior to the order being placed so we can be sure you get the correct parts the first time. We have full capabilities of any Silverleaf product programming and configuration as well as being located only 5 miles from the Silverleaf Factory so we will get you the right parts! There are 2 standard levels of Aladdin™ system replacement ready to retrofit off the shelf.

  • Aladdin Jr. Single Camera System

Aladdin Jr System is removed and replaced with a Silverleaf Electronics VMS-333 Engine Monitor. We provide a plug-in adapter harness for this swap and it a quite easy install for a customer, service center of your choice, or us to install in only a couple hours. The system provides all the functions of the Aladdin Jr. as well as many more features standard to the VMS-333.


  • Aladdin Jr. 3 Camera System

 Aladdin Jr system is removed from the coach and replaced with a Silverleaf Electronics VMS-350 Engine Monitor/Video switch. The VMS-350 takes over and expands the functions of the Aladdin Jr. system including complete engine, transmission monitoring, and solid state switching of all 3 cameras on the coach. A conversion wiring harness is available for this system making the install very straight forward. 

System Upgrades

Once your coach is converted to a RV-C based network there are many more upgrades possible within the system including but not limited to:

  • Automatic Generator Start
  • Climate Control Integration
  • Floor Heat Integration
  • Remote Coach Monitoring Integration with MyRozie™
  • Inverter/Charger Control
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring from either TST or Pressure Pro.