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2007 Ford F-350 6.0L Diesel to 2004 5.9L Cummins Build

Posted by Tim DeWall on

This truck is actually being built as one of our shop trucks and will mostly be taking place as we have spare time and space to get things done on it, But I figured some folks might enjoy following the build so I will keep this post updated as the project progresses. 

This truck was rescued from the blackberry bushes at a friend's house. It used to be a crummy truck for a logging company and was completely torn apart and missing the 6.0l Diesel and the 5R110 transmission. 

Here is the truck as it came to us

2007 F350

2007 F350

First thing on the to-do list was get this thing cleaned up and sort through all the parts piled inside the cab. Here it is after a good pressure washing.

2007 F350

Next up was to get the wheels swapped over to a 17" wheel so the brakes can go back together. Previous owner had roller 16" wheels on it and removed the brake calipers to make them fit. It looks much better with the factory 2007 alloy wheels as well as clears the brake calipers now.

2007 F350


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