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2007 Ford F-350 Overland Build

Posted by Tim DeWall on

This is going to be a fun project! We will be using this as an Overlanding rig to play with as well as take to some shows. Below is a brief list of the upgrades this truck will be undergoing.

  • 2004 Cummins 5.9l Turbo Diesel Engine Swap
  • Ford 5R110 Automatic Transmission (Factory Unit)
  • 37" Toyo Open Country M/T Tires on Raceline Aluminum Beadlocks
  • Custom Flatbed With Toolboxes and Camper Hold-Down System
  • ARB Air Lockers Front & Rear
  • Onboard Air System Using Custom Bumpers As Air Tanks
  • 2.5"x14" King Coil-Overs Up Front
  • Custom Pintail RV Built Bumpers Front And Rear (Rear Will Double As An Air Tank)
  • Many Custom Electronics Upgrades With Automation Of Many Systems

This truck was rescued from the blackberry bushes at a friend's house. It used to be a crummy truck for a logging company and was completely torn apart and missing the 6.0l Diesel and the 5R110 transmission. 

Here is the truck as we got it

2007 F350

2007 F350

First thing on the to-do list was get this thing cleaned up and sort through all the parts piled inside the cab. Here it is after a good pressure washing.

2007 F350

Next up was to get the wheels swapped over to a 17" wheel so the brakes can go back together. Previous owner had roller 16" wheels on it and removed the brake calipers to make them fit. It looks much better with the factory 2007 alloy wheels as well as clears the brake calipers now.

2007 F350

Next I Began sorting through the mess of wiring that needed to go back in the truck in order to get the dash assembled. I thought this was going to be a huge hassle but ended up not being too bad in the end. 

2007 F350 Wiring Harness

Once everything was sorted out I installed the harness back in the truck. Figuring out the orientation of the harness in the truck.

Installing F350 Wiring Harness

Harness installed and connected, ready for the dash to go back in

F350 Wiring Harness Installed

Next up was to get the dash installed back in the truck, This actually went much smoother than I had thought it would. Great!

F350 Dash Installed

Now I have been planning out all the mods that will get done to the Cummins before it goes in the truck. Considering this truck will be hauling a good size flatbed camper on the back most of the time I want it to have a good amount of power. The donor common rail engine is out of a 2004 Dodge Ram and is complete with the exception of the turbo, Considering it already needs a turbo I figured it was obvious to start there so I have decided on the ATS Aurora 4000 Turbo Kit. Since that kit is capable (and will) of producing far more power than the factory Cummins head studs can handle it is obviously a great time to convert the engine to ARP Head Studs to avoid constantly blowing head gaskets. 


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